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(Revised January 19th, 2016)

The definitions contained in this Declaration of Condominium of Cypress Bend III are incorporated herein as part of these rules and Regulations. These rules and Regulations are not intended as a replacement of the original Document, but are merely a restatement and interpretation of the existing Rules and Regulations which remain in full force and effect. 

The Board of Directors of the Association reserves the right to make additional Rules and Regulations as may be required from time to time. 

1. The walkways, entrances, halls, corridors, stairways and ramps shall not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than ingress and egress to and from the buildings and other portions of the Condominium property. 

2. The exterior of the apartments and all other areas appurtenant to an apartment shall not be painted, decorated or modified by the owner in any manner without the prior consent of the Association, by its Board, which consent may be withheld on purely aesthetic grounds within the sole discretion of the Board. All draperies, curtains, shades or other window or door covering installed within an apartment which is visible from the exterior of the apartment or of the common elements shall have a white backing unless otherwise approved in writing by the Board. 

3. No article shall be hung or shaken from the doors or windows of the apartments or placed upon the outside windowsills of the apartment balcony or walkways. Railways, porches or terraces are not to be used for drying clothes or hanging other articles. 

4. No bicycles, scooters, baby carriages or similar vehicles or toys or other personal articles shall be allowed to stand in the Common Element or the Cypress Bend Condominium III Recreation Area. 

5. In order that all residents may have a quiet enjoyment of their property, no Apartment Owner shall make or permit any noises that will disturb or annoy the occupants of any of the apartments or permit anything to be done which will interfere with the rights, comfort or convenience of the Apartment Owners. No person shall play or permit, allow or authorize another to play any musical instrument or to operate or allow to operate any phonograph, television radio, sound amplifier, etc., in units or within common properties in such manner as to disturb or annoy any other person. 

6. Each Apartment owner shall keep such apartment in a good state of preservation and cleanliness and shall not sweep or throw or permit to be swept or thrown from the doors or windows thereof, any dirt or other substance. 

7. Apartment owners who plan to be absent from their apartment during hurricane season must prepare their apartment prior to their departure by: 

a. Removing all furniture, potted plants and other movable objects from their porch or deck: 
b. Turning off the water to the apartment; and 
c. Designating a responsible person or firm, satisfactory to the Association to care for their apartment should the apartment suffer hurricane damage. Such firm or individual shall contact the Association for clearance to install or remove hurricane shutters. 

8. All garbage and refuse from the apartments shall be deposited with care in proper garbage receptacles. All garbage and refuse must be discarded in a sealed plastic bag. 

9. Water closets and other water apparatus in the apartments or upon the common elements of Cypress Bend III Recreation Area shall not be used for any purpose other than for which they were constructed. Any damage resulting from misuse of any water closet or other apparatus shall be paid for by the apartment owner or non-owner resident responsible for same. 

10. No Apartment owner or non-owner resident shall request or cause any 
employee or agent of the Association to do any private business for the 
Apartment Owner for non-owner resident, excepts as shall have been 
approved in writing by the Association. 

11. The agents or employees of the Association and any contractor or workmen authorized by the Association may enter any apartment at any reasonable hour of the day for the purpose permitted by the terms of the Condominium Documents. Entry will be made by prearrangement with the Apartment Owner or non-owner resident except under the circumstances deemed an emergency by the Association, in which case access is deemed permitted regardless of the hour. 

12. No vehicles or other possessions belonging to an Apartment Owner or non-owner resident or to a guest, employee or family member of same shall be positioned in such a manner as to impede or prevent ready access to an Apartment Owner’s parking space. The Apartment owner, their family, guest, employees, servants, visitors or tenants will obey the parking regulations posted in the streets, parking areas and drives and any other traffic regulations promulgated in the future for the safety, comfort and convenience of the Apartment Owners. 

13. An Apartment Owner or non-owner resident shall not cause or permit the blowing of any 
horn from any vehicle of which the, their family or guests shall be occupants.

14. No apartment Owner or non-owner resident shall be permitted to put their mail receptacle, name or street address on any portion of their apartment, except in such place and manner approved by the Association.  

15. No Apartment owner or non-owner resident shall use or permit to be bought into the apartment any inflammable oils, or fluids such as gasoline, kerosene, naphtha or benzene, or any explosive device or any articles deemed extra hazardous to life, limb or property. 

16. All Apartment Owners and non-owners shall provide the Association with a key to their apartments for entry on emergency conditions. Keys are kept in a locked key cabinet in the Condo office. 

17. Any damage to the Condominium property, Cypress Bend III Recreation Area or equipment of the Association caused by an Apartment owner or non-owner resident, family member or guests shall be repaired or replaced at the expense of the Apartment Owner. 

18. Each Apartment owner shall be held responsible for the actions of the family members, guests, tenants, etc. 

19. Children are not to play in the stairways, walkways, parking lots or interfere with the operation of the elevators. Children shall be allowed to play only in those areas designated for play by the Association. 

20. Food and beverages may not be prepared or consumed except in the apartment or such other areas as may from time to time be designated by the Board. Occupants of ground floor apartments utilizing grills for cooking should place then at least ten (10) feet away from the building. They are encouraged to use self-starting charcoal to minimize offensive odors which would offend their neighbors. No grills are permitted on the screened porches, terraces or walkway. Residents are encouraged to use the grills provided in the pool area. 

21. Complaints regarding the management of the Condominium property or Cypress Bend Recreation Area, or regarding action of the residents shall be made in writing to the Association. 

22. The Cypress Bend Recreation Area is solely for the use of Apartment Owners, non-owner residents, their family members, invited guests and such other persons that may be specified in the Declaration of the Condominiums. The use by others of the recreation facilities shall be at the risk of those involved and not, in management, if any. 

23. The regulations governing the use of Cypress Bend III Recreation Area, including permitted hours, guest rules, safety and sanitary provisions, and all other pertinent matters shall be in accordance with regulations adopted by the Association. 

24. An apartment owner or non-owner resident shall not keep any pet in their apartment without prior written permission of the board of Directors. In no event shall there be more than one (1) pet, not to exceed twenty (20) pounds in weight. Such permission in one instance shall not be deemed to institute blanket permission in any other instance and any such permission may be revoked at any time at the sole discretion of the Board. In no event shall animals be permitted in any public portions of Cypress Bend Condominium III unless on a leash. The owner must be prepared to clean up after the animal. The apartment Owner or non-owner resident shall indemnify the Association and hold it harmless against any loss or liability of any kind or character what so ever arising from or growing out of having an animal in the Condominium. If a dog or other animal becomes obnoxious to other residents by barking or otherwise, the Owner must correct the problem, or, upon written notice by the association, be required to dispose of the animal. 

25. No clothes line or other similar device shall be allowed on any portion of the Common elements of the Cypress Bend Recreation Area. 

26. No trailer, boats, campers, or commercial vehicles, or motor cycles shall be permitted on any portion of the common elements of the Cypress Bend III Recreation Area, except for trucks delivering goods or services and except upon such portion of the Condominium property as the Board may determine. The Association shall have the right to authorize the towing away of any vehicles in violation of this rule with the cost to be borne by the owner or violator.

 27. Certain vans, pick-up trucks, and motorcycles used for personal use only may be individually authorized by the Board. The owner must seek authorization by the Board in writing with a picture of the vehicle in question. 

28. An apartment owner shall not install any storm shutters, awnings, hardware or the like without the prior approval of the Board as to the design, color and conformity to the architectural design of the building and the design of others that have been previously approved by the Board. 

29. There will be no parking on the grass. Parking will be head in only. Vehicles cannot be repaired in any of the parking spaces except in an emergency. Any vehicle which cannot operate under its own power shall not remain of the Condominium property for more than seventy-two (72 ) hours. Sleeping in any vehicle in the parking area is prohibited. No for sale or advertising signs are permitted on the vehicles. 

30. No new owners or lessees may move into an apartment on Sundays or holidays. Any noisy work to be done in an apartment must be done between the hours of 8am and 6pm and never on Sunday. 

31. Each apartment shall be used as a single family residence. Only immediate family members shall include parents, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters and their husbands and wives. 

32. It is the specific intention of this Association to preserve and maintain Cypress Bend III Condominium Association as a non-transient, residential single family community. No unit shall be occupied except by persons related by marriage, blood or living together a single family unit. Furthermore, no more than two (2) persons may occupy a one (1) bedroom unit and nor more than four (4) persons may occupy a two (2) bedroom unit. No individual room shall be rented and no transient tenant shall be accommodated. 

33. Unit owners must notify the Association in advance when they desire any immediate family member (as defined in #31) to reside in the apartment in the owner’s absence. The board of Directors has the right to ask the Unit owner for the execution and delivery of an affidavit so stating the specific relationship of the family member. The form of the affidavit shall be prepared by the Association unless it is determined by the Board that the Unit Owner may prepare same. 

34. Anyone other than an immediate family member, record owner of the unit or a permanent resident recorded with the Association shall be considered a guest. Recreation Areas are reserved for the private use and enjoyment of the members and guests in accordance with the Condominium Documents. 

35. No non-resident may reside or stay within the Condominium Property for a period longer than a total of thirty (30) days in any calendar year without seeking prior approval of the Board. 

36. Approval of the Board of Directors is mandatory before any person occupies an apartment as a new Owner or lessee. Anytime a Unit Owner intends to sell or lease their apartment they shall give written notice to the Association of such intention and shall completely and accurately execute the appropriate forms supplied by the Association and available at the Condominium office Building 9, #101 - 2112 S. Cypress Bend Drive. All prospective new owners or lessees must have a personal interview with the screening committee to receive an Approval of Occupancy from the Board. The Association has the right to charge the applicants a reasonable processing fee of $100.00. The Unit owner shall notify the Association when a lease is being renewed. Screening is not necessary for renewal of the lease. 

37. No Apartment Owner may mortgage his Apartment or any interest therein without the approval of the Association except to (i) a life insurance company, (ii) a Federal or state Savings & Loan Association or commercial bank, (iii) a mortgage banking company, all licensed to do business in the State of Florida, or (iv) the spouse or parents of the Apartment owner. The above mortgagees shall be included in the term “Approved Mortgagee”. In order to obtain the Association’s approval of a mortgage with other than an “Approved Mortgagee”, which an Apartment Owner desired to place against their apartment, such Apartment Owner must submit a written request for such approval to the Association, which written request shall specify the name of the proposed mortgagee and the relationship, if any, of that proposed mortgagee to the Apartment Owner in question. The Apartment Owner shall also supply the Association with such information and materials as the Association shall reasonably request, including, but not limited to, a copy of the promissory note which proposed to be secured thereby. No such approval of the Association shall be given unless the Association has received all materials and information which is reasonably requested and in no event prior to thirty (30) days following the Association’s receipt of the original written request for such approval. The Association has the right to charge a reasonable fee not to exceed $100.00 to defray the cost of receiving and processing the application and review of any materials submitted in connection therewith, and may refuse to accept such application or withhold any approval which would otherwise be granted until receipt of such fee. 

38. Any consent or approval given under these Rules and Regulations by the Association shall be revocable at any time by the Board. 

By Resolution of the Board of Directors